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Emergency Plumbing in Fort Collins, CO

If every leak were harmless as a leaky faucet going “drip, drip,” in the night, then we wouldn’t have a need for emergency plumbing services. So what makes some plumbing problems into full-blown emergencies? There’s usually one simple distinction: the location. For example, a leak in a pipe behind the wall is an inconvenience and can create slight water damage, but a leak beneath your home in Fort Collins, CO has the potential to damage your foundation, flooring, and walls. A clog in your kitchen sink is an inconvenience, but a clog in your sewer line is a health hazard and bigger problem just waiting to happen.

When you call at 3:00 AM in the morning, you’re looking to get your plumbing problem sorted out as fast as possible, but getting the job done quick means nothing if it isn’t done right. When you call a plumber like Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning, you’re calling on a fast plumber with decades of experience in 24-hour plumbing. Our duty is to get in, fix the problem, and get out.

We’re a company fully staffed with emergency plumbers, ready to take on your emergency plumbing problems in a flash. Contact us now to get on the line with a representative.

What’s Considered a 24–Hour Plumbing Emergency?

You may be reading this page asking yourself if your problem truly calls for an emergency plumber in Fort Collins, CO. We’re taught "emergencies" are always dangerous, either life–threatening or property–threatening, and so it’s not surprising we might ask things like, "If my basement isn’t flooding, is it truly an emergency?" While this is true, we also believe if you’re sitting there nervously questioning whether your current problem is an emergency, you should at least call and ask!

  • Leaks: Every moment your leak continues, it adds a little bit to your monthly water bill. If the leak has created water damage, that damage will only spread as the leak continues.
  • Clogs: Not typically an emergency. However, if your clog is bringing a foul smell with it, or you find more than one fixture is clogged, it likely means there’s a clog in your sewer or main water line.
  • Water Heater Problems: Many water heater problems can be temporarily abated by using the heater’s shutoff valve. The emergency, then, depends on how badly you need your hot water back and running again.
  • Quality of Life Is Disrupted: If your plumbing problem becomes a major inconvenience when you need it most—no matter the situation—we’d call that an emergency!

There’s no penalty for calling in to find out if your plumbing problem is an emergency, so don’t hesitate to call.

Should I Fix My Plumbing Problems ASAP?

Here’s the truth: Every plumbing problem needs to be fixed quickly. Even if the problem isn’t causing immediate and drastic damage to your property, a plumbing problem that’s allowed to continue will often drive up your water bill or damage your plumbing. The quicker you get your plumbing problems taken care of, the better off you’ll be! That’s why, regardless of whether your plumbing issue is truly an "emergency," we’re still available for 24–hour plumbing.

When you call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for your emergency plumbing needs, our expert technicians will arrive with the plumbing equipment to get the job done quickly and done right.

We’re a company you can trust to fix all of your emergency plumbing needs. Contact us today to get the quickest but best solution for your plumbing emergency.