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Sewer Cleaning in Fort Collins, CO

When it comes to plumbing, there are few things worse than the contents of the sewer line backing up and pooling into your yard or house. Many homeowners simply don’t think about their sewage lines, making it a complete surprise when the line does have a problem. They also don’t realize that sewer line cleaning services exist just for this purpose.

Sewer lines are responsible for moving all the collected wastewater from your home, and any blockages that prevent them from doing so can result in this hazardous waste flooding your basement or foundation under your home. Sewer lines are not a piece of plumbing you want to service incorrectly, so we would never advise anyone to attempt DIY sewer cleaning. Instead, call on one of the professionals from Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

You should never have to deal with sewer line cleaning on your own. If you’re in the Fort Collins, CO area and need sewer cleaning, make an appointment with us today!

When to Clean Your Sewer Lines                        

How do you know when to clean your sewer lines? For one, you should never wait until the moment they’re having a problem. If it comes to that point, however, you can contact us for 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Otherwise, a proactive approach with scheduled sewer cleanings is the best approach for keeping problems away. If you’re having sewer line problems now, some of the ways you can tell is through:

  • Backed–up Drains: One backed–up drain is usually not a problem that goes beyond a simple drain cleaning. However, if you find multiple sinks in the house are suffering from slow draining, it indicates a problem in a larger part of the system: the sewer line. Before the problem gets worse, immediately call for help from a professional.
  • Odors in the Home: Backed–up sewer lines will, of course, come with a smell. Often, the smell can be found before the lines start to back up, so you can use smell as a good indicator that it’s time to call in for a sewer line cleaning.

Leave Sewer Cleaning to the Professionals

Whenever you’re dealing with the sewer line, you’re dealing with a potential health hazard. Attempting to fix or clean the sewer line is absolutely not a job for amateurs or DIY enthusiasts. Not just because it’s unsafe, but because the tools available to the average Fort Collins, CO homeowner simply won’t be enough to finish the job once it’s started. Our plumbers are experts in the art of cleaning sewer lines, and they’ll make quick work out of even the dirtiest line.

Hire a company you can trust for your sewer cleaning needs. Schedule an appointment today with Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning, a company big enough to serve you, but small enough to care.