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Drain Cleaning in Fort Collins, CO

We’re all familiar with the problem of the clogged drain—it’s one of the first things you think of when you hear the word “plumber.” It all starts when you notice the water in the sink or tub is draining much slower than it used to. As the problem gets worse, it becomes harder to ignore until you need a complete drain cleaning solution. Over time, drains will inevitably encounter some kind of clogging, but that doesn’t mean a plumber can’t make quick work of it.

It’s certainly not a problem for Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been in the business for over 85 years, so we know a thing or two about drain cleaning. Not only will we have the job done quick, but we’ll use methods that are smarter and safer for your plumbing system. After all, methods that are less-than-best can degrade your plumbing over time.

Don’t rely on just anyone for your drain cleaning. Contact our team to get it done the right way, today!

What Creates Clogged Drains in the First Place?

Your drains will most likely experience a clog at some point in their lifespan, but it doesn’t need to be anytime soon. By knowing what not to put down the drain, you can significantly increase the health of your drains. In other cases—such as with hard water—you may have to take a proactive approach by installing a water softener.

  • Fats, Oils, and Grease: This team of substances is notorious for backing up kitchen drains. They’ll solidify in your drains and collect bits of food over time, leading to stubborn clogs.
  • Coffee Grounds: Despite how they appear, coffee grounds will not dissolve with the water, but will clump and get stuck. Always dispose of these in the trash or compost.
  • Hard Water: Water with high concentrations of minerals will gradually add deposits of magnesium and calcium to the insides of your pipes, especially in Fort Collins, CO. Professional drain cleaning can help remove them.

Drain Cleaning Methods

Using the wrong methods to clean your drains can cause more problems than they claim to fix. Most notably, drain cleaners—advertised as an easy solution to drain clogs—are one of the worst substances you can put in your drains. You’ll find that plumbers from Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning won’t use these substances anywhere near your pipes.

  • Drain Snake: A flexible augur used to break up clogs. The kind used by professionals is motorized and more powerful than the hand–crank snakes available at hardware stores. Regardless of which type is used, they can damage drain pipes if not handled carefully by a professional.
  • High-Pressure Water Jetter: The Jetter will not only clear the blockage, but it will also push the remaining debris into the main sewer line to ensure there are no further blockages. The High-Pressure Water Jetter should also be handled carefully by a professional.

If you need drain cleaning done right in Fort Collins, CO, contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’re big enough to serve, small enough to care.