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Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning Winter 2016 Newsletter

What to Do If Your Heater Leaves Your Holiday Guests Feeling Cold

Modern heating systems have only gotten more and more effective over the years. Like any other

mechanical system, however, any heater can run into operational problems from time to time. Some

times are more convenient than others, of course. When you have guests arriving at your home later in

the day, and your heater just failed, “convenient” is probably not the word that you’d use to describe

the situation.

Fortunately for you, heating technicians are available even around the holiday season. Homeowners

cannot simply be expected to put up with cold temperatures in their homes until regular business hours

resume once more. Before you go scheduling emergency heating services, though, there are a few

things to check on your own.

Using a Heat Pump? Is It in Heating Mode?

First of all, make sure that your heat pump is actually in heating mode. Because heat pumps both heat

and cool homes, it is possible that your system was just accidentally switched over to the cooling mode.

If this is the case, the flip of a switch is all that is necessary to get your heater back to blowing warm air

to keep your guests comfortable.

Did You Double Check Temperature Settings?

No matter what type of heater you use, it is controlled by a thermostat. This may sound obvious, but

you should always double check to make sure that your thermostat is set properly and that the system is

actually in heating mode, rather than a “fan-only” mode. Radiant heating systems don’t use fans, but

you may have accidentally set the thermostat too low, so you are not feeling the desired effects from its


What About Temperature Zones?

If your heater is zoned—meaning that you can heat different areas of your home to different

temperatures—check each zone to ensure that comfortable temperatures are set. It can be easy to miss

changes in temperatures throughout the house when you are stuck in a hot kitchen all day. You may be

nice and toasty, but any guests waiting for dinner to be served may be a good deal chillier in the den.

Some Problems Will Demand Professional Attention

These are definitely best case scenarios, and there is no guarantee that the issue you’re facing with your

heater is quite this simple. If you cannot find an obvious cause of the problem, then contact your

heating technicians right away. While you focus on getting your guests squared away and dinner on the

table, they can focus on returning your heater to proper operating condition before the winter holidays

start feeling too wintery in your home.

We hope that these tips will help you to deal with any heating issues that you may encounter this

holiday season. Consider this last one a gift from us to you. Schedule routine heating maintenance

before the guests start to arrive. This is not the season for testing your luck when it comes to the

operation of your heater.

Hosting a Christmas Party This Year? No Sweat!

Preparing for a Christmas party can be a stressful event: there’s food to buy, invitations to send,

decorations to set up, and music playlists to plan. One thing homeowners often miss in all this planning

is whether or not their HVAC system is up to the task of heating a home full of people. No need to

worry, however. If you’ve had your HVAC system maintained in the last year (or this fall, if you have a

heat pump) then you’re likely in good shape.

But no matter how well your system is maintained, it’s designed to handle the comfort needs of the

small number of occupants that are typically present in a home at one time. Our guess is that if you’re

hosting a Christmas party, the number of attendants in your home at one time is going to far exceed the

average amount of occupants. So, what can you do to fully prepare your HVAC system for your

Christmas party?

Take Care of Any Repair Needs

If during your last maintenance visit, your HVAC technician informed you of repair needs—now is the

time to get them taken care of. This way you can ensure that your system is in good shape and won’t

breakdown during the strain it may undergo this holiday season. This is true no matter what type of

heating system you may have.

Turn Your System on Early Before the Party

A few hours before your first guests are to arrive, turn your system on if it’s not already on. Set it about

5 degrees or more lower than what you find comfortable. You may be a bit chilly for a while, but once

more guests come in, you’ll quickly notice the temperature rise.

Using a dehumidifier is another good idea if your Christmas party is during a particularly stuffy week.

High humidity is actually a pretty uncomfortable side effect of many large parties, since each person’s

exhalations raise moisture levels. If you don’t have a professionally installed dehumidifier, then you can

simply run your AC for a couple days before the party to rid your home of at least some excess moisture.

Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember about hosting a Christmas party is to have fun. No matter what

little glitches may arise, avoiding stress is as easy as being prepared and remembering what the holiday

season is all about—friends, family, and food!

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