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Serving Northern CO. Since 1934


We Service Manitowoc Ice & Soda Machines in Northern Colorado

Ice and Soda machines are an integral part of a food service establishment. Imagine it’s a blisteringly hot summer day and you own and operate a small café or restaurant. A customer comes in, wipes the sweat from his or her brow, and orders a cold, refreshing drink but your commercial ice-maker is out of service. It’s important you meet the needs and expectations of your patron and that the repair is done correctly.

In establishments serving food and drink, every single system is as important as the next. This includes the ice and soda machines that are often overlooked, but can create a poor experience when not in service. Call us for your ice and soda machine services and keep your machines in top shape with quality service and repair in Fort Collins, CO.

We Are an Authorized Manitowoc Dealer

Manitowoc ice machines and Manitowoc soda machines are some of the finest products available to commercial business owners. These are the most popular ice machines in America, and for good reason. Chief among the reasons for their popularity is the incredible energy efficiency that they offer.

They also offer options. From crystalline cubes to nuggets, flakes, and crushed ice, a Manitowoc ice machine is going to give you what you need. With a Manitowoc soda machine or beverage dispenser, you can provide your customers with the selection they demand.

Let Us Install Your Manitowoc Ice Machine or Soda Machine

When you invest in a quality product such as a Manitowoc ice machine or soda dispenser, you need to know that you are also investing in a great soda or ice machine installation. This is sure to be the case when you leave the job to the professionals on our staff.

A company with a reputation such as Manitowoc’s looks for the very best in partner companies for authorized installations and service. We’ve spent years providing quality service and proven that we have what it takes to help our clients find the right systems and to install them properly every step of the way.

We Offer Ice Machine and Soda Machine Repair

Even the best refrigeration equipment on the market is going to encounter some operational issues from time to time. In a high–volume setting, your Manitowoc ice machine or soda machine is going to be putting in a lot of work. All of that work means a lot of wear and tear, and eventually repairs may be necessary.

If your soda machine is having issues with carbonation, your ice cubes are not plentiful, or any other problems should develop, contact us right away. The sooner that we handle your Manitowoc soda or ice machine repairs, the better off your equipment is going to be.

The last thing that you want to do is allow relatively minor issues with your equipment snowball. Doing so only leads to more serious, potentially costly problems that could be avoided with prompt action. Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more.