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Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

Why Use a Rooftop Commercial AC Unit?

You don’t need us to tell you just how many responsibilities you have on your plate when it comes to running your commercial ventures. No matter what sort of business you may be in, one thing is certain: your clients, employees, and/or tenants all expect a certain level of comfort upon stepping into the commercial property that you own. That is why you must have a great commercial air conditioning system installed in your property. One option that you are wise to consider is the rooftop unit. If you have questions, or are thinking about installing a rooftop unit on your Fort Collins, CO property, give us a call. Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning is the company you can count on for exceptional rooftop system services. 

It really doesn’t matter if you opt for a designated rooftop air conditioning system, or if you package your heating and cooling components together upon your roof: the benefits are universal. In order to determine if a rooftop unit is right for you, consider the following information. We think you’ll like what you see:

  • Accessibility: Space can be pretty tight in commercial settings. Many buildings are purchased by commercial property owners, rather than built from the ground up according to their specifications. Because of this, your HVAC equipment may not be ideally located for servicing. With everything stored on the roof, access to your system is a breeze.
  • Aesthetics: Your commercial HVAC system is a vital component of your property. It is also quite ugly, and there is no dressing it up. However, by keeping your commercial HVAC system stored upon the roof, you can keep it out of view and protect the visual appeal of your property.
  • Space: We’ve mentioned that space can be pretty tight in commercial properties, and that it can make accessing commercial HVAC systems difficult. It can also leave you without room for outdoor seating or sufficient parking spaces as well, though. When you choose to use a rooftop system on your property, though, you can free up valuable space for more beneficial uses. Contact Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today to get your rooftop unit project underway.

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