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Why Should I Use an ERV This Summer Season?

When you think of keeping your home comfortable and everyone within that space happy throughout the summer season, your mind probably instantly jumps to your air conditioning system. During the hottest time of the year, your air conditioner is going to put in a lot of work in order to keep your house cool, after all. However, you really cannot afford to overlook the importance of your indoor air quality during the summer months, either. Too often, homeowners sacrifice the indoor air quality in the name of efficient cooling. This need not be the case, however, so long as you use an energy recovery ventilator.

What Does an ERV Do, and Why Should I Invest in One?

An ERV, or energy recovery ventilator, is your means by which to bridge the gap between great comfort and great indoor air quality, without draining your budget in the process. The moniker “energy recovery ventilator” is as about as descriptive as possible. An ERV is a ventilator that, through an energy recovery process, helps you to cut down on energy loss during the ventilation process.

When temperatures soar outside, you seal up your home and run your air conditioner. The issue with doing so is that your home really should have some natural ventilation going on. This helps to prevent the AC from drying out the air too much, and just keeps the air in your home fresher. With our modern focus on efficiency, though, we eliminate as much of this ventilation as possible.

An energy recovery ventilator solves the problem. It will vent old, stale air out of your home. This air is cool, and you’ve paid to cool it, though. That is why the ERV will use that cool air to absorb some of the heat of the incoming air, recovering the energy that you paid for to cool the air. In fact, it can do the opposite in the winter, as well, bringing in fresh, cold air and pre-warming it with warm, but stale, outgoing air. ERVs can also balance humidity in the passing streams, further protecting your comfort and indoor air quality.

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