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Why Might My Air Conditioner Short Cycle?

When the heat of the summer season really gets underway, you want your air conditioner to function properly, and you want it to function reliably. If you encounter problems with your air conditioner of any kind, remember that it is always in your best interest to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs at the very first sign of trouble. One of the most problematic of the issues that you may encounter is that of short cycling. If your air conditioner in Windsor, CO is short cycling, be sure to contact a member of our team right away.

What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner starts up, runs for a short while, and shuts back down before the cooling cycle is complete. This is detrimental for a few reasons. It puts a lot of excess wear and tear on the system, and it also eats up more energy than your AC should, meaning that you are actually paying more for a weaker performance from your system. It also means that your AC won’t dehumidify the air as much as it would during a full cooling cycle.

What Causes It?

There are a few situations in which you may encounter short cycling. It can occur if an air conditioner is too large for the home in which it is installed. Your system will cool your home too quickly, and the system will cycle off rapidly. Before long, the system will be forced back into service. Unfortunately, there is no repair that can “fix” an oversized system.

If the short cycling is a new development, though, it may be due to a failing run capacitor. The run capacitor helps to maintain a constant current in the AC motor(s). If it fails, then it is not going to be able to keep the system running dependably, and short cycling may develop.

Finally, you may just have a faulty thermostat on your hands. If this is the case, your thermostat may be registering cooler temperatures than it is actually experiencing.

Be sure to schedule your air conditioning repairs with the pros on the Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning team.

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