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Why Is My Home Heating Unevenly?

When you heat your home using a whole-house heating system, such as a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, your entire house should be comfortable. If this is not the case, then something may well be wrong. It could be an issue with your heater, or even with the house itself. Whatever the case, you need to have the problem resolved so that you can get back to living in the comfort that you deserve.

The Timnath, CO heating professionals on our staff have put together a few potential causes of issues with uneven heating. These will give you an idea of why you may encounter the problem, but you will need to work with a professional to resolve most of the issues. Contact us to do so.

  • Leaky ductwork: One of the most common causes of problems with uneven heating is also one of the most common reasons for inefficient heating: leaky ductwork. If your air ducts are leaking, you are not going to be able to balance temperatures throughout your home successfully. You may wind up with cold spots in those areas serviced by the leaking duct. Worse yet, your system may be forced to work overtime as it attempts to balance out temperatures, particularly if the thermostat is in the effected area. This can lead to a spike in heating costs.
  • Subpar insulation: The insulation in your home is there to prevent unwanted heat transfer. Heat is always going to move toward cooler areas, which in the winter season means the outdoors. If you have an area of your home that is not sufficiently insulated, it will likely feel cooler than those that are.
  • Improper settings: If you have a zone control system for your ducted HVAC system, or if your radiant heating system is zoned, be sure to double check the settings at each thermostat if your house is not comfortable in all spots. You may simply have set a thermostat improperly. Someone may have even bumped up against a thermostat and accidentally altered the settings. This is one problem that you can definitely resolve on your own.

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