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Why Is My Furnace Making This Noise?

If you expect your furnace to operate truly silently, you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Depending upon the location of your furnace in your home, you may hear it cycle on and off. You’ll likely also hear some sound as the furnace forces hot air throughout your ductwork.

These are what we consider to be normal operating sounds. If you begin to hear what could only be described as abnormal operating sounds, however, you have reason to be concerned. When your furnace in Fort Collins, CO starts making strange and unfamiliar sounds, call our number to have the problem resolved before serious damage is done.

  • Scraping sounds are most often the result of metal scraping up against metal. This often stems from issues with the blower wheel in the furnace. It could be hitting the casing as it has come loose from the motor mount, or the wheel itself could be broken and in need of replacement.
  • A screeching or whining noise is usually caused by a loose or fraying blower belt. This is easy enough to resolve for a trained professional, and a minor expense. You could also require more lubrication on moving parts within the system. That is not a big deal either, though ignoring the problem could lead to further operational problems.
  • If you hear a booming or a loud pop when the furnace comes on, you could be dealing with a delayed ignition. Perhaps the furnace burners are too dirty, or there is an issue with the igniter. Whatever the case, you may essentially have a small explosion going off in the combustion chamber. Don’t let this lead to damages or an unsafe operation.

Schedule your furnace repairs with Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.

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