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Why Does My Gas Furnace Smell When I First Turn It on in the Fall?

Your home’s furnace, like everything in your home, collects dust on it over time. This is especially true if your air filter system allows air to go around the filter, or you do not have a high efficiency air cleaner.

So when that furnace fires up for the first time in fall, it will burn off the dust that has collected on the heat exchanger or electric elements since the last heating season. Sometimes it may even emit a small amount of carbon monoxide into the house and create that smell—burning dust!  The same thing will likely happen when you turn on your gas fireplace for the first time in the fall, too.

This smell should go away after the first cycling of your furnace. While this is not something to be alarmed about, and does not mean that anything is necessarily wrong with your system, it may be your heating system’s way of reminding you that it needs attention from a trusted heating contractor in the Loveland and Fort Collins area: one that will pay expert attention to the overall safety and performance of your furnace, heat pump, water heater, and fireplace.

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning fits the bill entirely, and our technicians are happy to ensure that your home heating system is tuned-up properly and that it is ready for the long, cold winter season ahead. With our help, you can count on your heater functioning properly, and you won’t be paying more than you should have to in order to keep your home warm and comfortable. Pay attention to any warning signs that your heater may exhibit, and call us at 970-484-4552 to have any problems successfully resolved.

Schedule your heating services with Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. We are big enough to serve, small enough to care.

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