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Why Am I Paying So Much to Cool My Home?

You’ve no doubt been running your air conditioner somewhat regularly at this point in time. Summer got off to a hot start, and it’s going to be a while before any sort of lasting relief sets in. If running your AC has come with the shock of very high energy costs, you may want to start thinking about ways in which to cool your home more efficiently and affordably. Following, you’ll find some examples of common reasons for an inefficient cooling experience. If you have any further questions, or you require any air conditioning services, remember that we are the company you can trust.

Poor Maintenance Practices

Let’s start off with one possibility that, if the root cause of your inefficiency issues, lands squarely on your shoulders. You must—must—schedule routine air conditioning maintenance services each and every year. If you fail to do so, there is just no way in which you can hope for your home cooling system to function as efficiently as possible, let alone reliably and successfully. The cumulative effects of a season’s worth of wear and tear will make it impossible for your system to excel in this manner.

Subpar Insulation

Do you feel hot spots throughout your home when you walk through it? If so, this could be indicative that you have subpar levels of insulation in those areas. It’s also possible that your insulation has deteriorated over time due to moisture damage, or that pests have compromised its integrity. Whatever the cause of the problem, having your insulation replaced or bulked up by a qualified party can help you to keep heat out of your home, and to keep your energy costs low.

Low SEER Rating

Finally, remember that your air conditioner may be operating just fine, but that it may not have a very high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. If you’ve always struggled with high cooling costs, or if this is the first summer that you are using the existing AC system in a new-to-you home, check the SEER. Older systems may have a SEER of 6 or less, but the scale goes up to 25. Modern regulations mandate a minimum SEER of 13/14, depending upon location. You may want to upgrade on a newer, more efficient system now, and enjoy long-term savings as a result.

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