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When Is Professional Duct Sealing Necessary?

Do you use a forced air heating system in your home, such as a furnace or a heat pump? If so, you are going to be depending upon your air ducts a lot in the months to come. Winter may not really be starting off with a bang this year, but there is still plenty of cold weather to come. If your air ducts are not properly sealed, then you are going to run into some pretty serious problems as you attempt to heat your home in an even and effective manner. Fortunately for you, we are here to offer professional duct sealing in Windsor, CO. Give Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning a call today if you are concerned about your ductwork.

Signs That Duct Sealing Is Necessary

Your air ducts are not easily accessible, nor are they visible in any substantive way. How, then, can one hope to determine if his or her air ducts are in need of service? There are actually a number of potential warning signs that can alert you to the need of a service such as duct sealing. You just have to know what it is that you are looking for.

  • Increased Heating (and Cooling) Costs: Did your cooling costs over the summer surpass the normal level? Have you gotten a utility bill representing your heating costs that seemed over the top already? It could be due to air leaking out of your system. Let us evaluate the situation in order to determine if duct sealing could resolve the problem.
  • Reduced Indoor Air Quality: Air leaking out of your ductwork is a major concern, but it’s not the only one. You also don’t want pollutants to be making their way into your HVAC system. They can be distributed throughout your entire home via your ductwork, which will drag down the quality of the air filling that space.
  • Whistling or Hissing Sounds: Do you hear odd whistling or hissing sounds when using your HVAC system? It could be the result of air leaks in your ductwork. Contact us if notice this problem in your home.

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