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What Safety Features Are On New Furnaces?

Gas furnaces are a staple of many homes here in Colorado, providing efficient and reliable heat for many years. Warm air is generated in a central system, then pushed into your home via a series of ducts. Like any other piece of technology, furnaces have undergone a number of upgrades over the years, including important safety features which help keep your home safe. “What safety features are on new furnaces?“, you ask? Read on for the answers.

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  • Limit switches. These switches are installed in the gas burner manifold, and are designed to detect heat outside of the burner tubes. Obviously, no one wants flames going anywhere they aren’t supposed it, and heat outside of the burner tubes constitutes a big problem.  The limit switches are designed to shut the gas off in such an event, eliminating the flame and the danger. Most of them will let you know via a readout on the heater front. Some of them also come with a reset button that will let you start the furnace again once a repairman has addressed the issue.
  • Plenum thermostat. While the limit switches detect heat in the manifold, the Plenum thermostat detects the heat around the exchange.  If the temperature climbs too high, the thermostat shuts off the main burner, cutting off the heat and preventing any damage. A trained expert can look at the furnace and resolve the issue before resetting the thermostat.

These and other safety features are designed to prevent further damage to the system and in some cases halt a considerable safety concern. When they kick in, you should call a trained technician to look at the heater. Loveland heating installation companies like Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning can answer the question “what safety features are on new furnaces?” then help you out with any repairs or replacement issues you may have. Your furnace is a key part of your household. Give us a call whenever you have problems with it, and we’ll make sure it’s running smoothly again!

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