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What Does My AC Tech Do During Air Conditioning Maintenance Visits?

Here at Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning we offer a terrific maintenance plan for our customers. But we often get asked about what actually happens during our maintenance visits. Read below to see a quick list of just a few of the tasks that our technicians will perform during regular Bellvue, CO air conditioning maintenance visits.

Bellvue, CO Air Conditioning Maintenance: What Actually Gets Done?

When you get maintenance of your home’s air conditioning system you are setting yourself up for consistent and efficient performance. Here are some of the things that your AC technicians will perform while they are there.

  • Clean the coils – One of the components that can get dirty are the evaporator coils (located in the inside unit) and the condensing coils (located in the outside unit). Your technicians will clean these coils because if they get too dirty then it can start to impact the comfort in your home and the efficiency of the system.
  • Change air filter – Probably one of the most common causes of air conditioning repairs is a clogged air filter. Your AC’s air filter is there to protect the moving parts from dust and debris that might get sucked in. If the filter gets clogged it will restrict the flow of air through the system and cause big problems. This is a very important part of maintenance.
  • Clean and lubricate motors – Your fan has several different motors in it: the fan motors and the compressor motors. Keeping them working well is critical to the operation of your home’s AC system.
  • Refrigerant levels – Your air conditioning technician will also check the refrigerant levels in your AC system. If there isn’t enough refrigerant it can cause the system to operate inefficiently and also cause problems for your home’s comfort.
  • Check compressor – Your air conditioner’s compressor is a critical component of your system. If your compressor starts to break down it will cause big problems for your system. Our technicians will check the compressor motors, its capacitor and other parts of its operation.

For all your Bellvue, CO air conditioning maintenance make sure that you call the experts at Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning.

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