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What Does a Zone Control System Do?

A zone control system is a great way in which to get a more efficient performance out of your air conditioning system. We know that you want to cool your home effectively, but you don’t want to drain your budget in doing so. When you choose to use a zone control system, you won’t have to.

Just remember that a zone control system is only going to function properly if you schedule your zone control system services in Fort Collins, CO with trained, experienced professionals. Simply call our number to do so.

How Does It Work? What Benefits Can I Enjoy?

A zone control system breaks your home up into different temperature zones. Installed into each of these zones is a thermostat that is controlled independently of the others in the house. These thermostats are wired into a central control panel. Electronic dampers are also installed into your ductwork, and these too are tied into the control panel. As you adjust the temperature in any single zone in your home, the corresponding dampers will adjust as well, allowing more or less conditioned air into those zones.

Typically, if you use a whole-house central air conditioner, you’ll be cooling the entire house to just one temperature. Because a zone control system allows you to maintain different temperatures throughout your home, you can cool those areas that are not in use less than you would those areas that are constantly in use. Doing so means that you can live comfortably without wasting energy in areas that don’t need it.

Plus, you should keep in mind that not everyone is going to be comfortable at the same temperature. Unless you live alone, you’ve no doubt heard some level of conflict regarding temperature settings in the house. By taking greater control over the way you heat and cool your home, you can ensure that everyone is living comfortably, not just a select few.

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