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What Causes Boilers to Leak?

A boiler is a solid investment in heating your Colorado home. Modern boilers provide even and efficient heating, quiet operation, and last many years because they have low maintenance needs. But no boiler can run perfectly forever, and most eventually will require repairs. Because boilers use hot water to warm your home, leaks are the biggest concern most owners have. Although a small amount of water dripping from an outlet pipe is normal, as we’ll explain below, any other excess water can indicate trouble. Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has worked since 1924 doing Fort Collins, CO boiler installation and repairs—we’re a trusted name to turn to when you need to stops those boiler leaks.

Here are a few reasons your boiler may start leaking:

Improper installation: If the boiler in your home was installed poorly, it likely has bad connections from the tank to the pipes. A common issue we see with amateur installations is sloppy soldering on the copper pipe fittings, which will cause leaks that will only get worse. You might consider a full replacement, although depending on how serious the problems are, skilled technicians can adjust your boiler to offset the original problems.

Corrosion and rust: Wherever you deal with water, you’ll potentially face trouble from corrosion and rust. This weakens the metal along the tank and the pipes if left unattended, leading to leaks. A superficial layer of rust is a simple fix, and sometimes an HVAC technician will need to remove and replace only the rusted or corroded coils and mounting plates. But if a lack of maintenance has caused the corrosion to spread, you might need to have the tank replaced.

High pressure: We mentioned that you’ll get a small amount of dripping from an outlet pipe. This helps relieve the pressure inside the boiler so it doesn’t climb to dangerous levels. It’s important that you don’t block up this pipe! If it becomes clogged for other reasons, then the pressure that builds up inside the tank will start to cause numerous leaks. High pressure in a boiler requires immediate attention.

Leaks can turn into major problems if not repaired promptly: not only can they cause your boiler to stop working, but leaking may damage your floors and walls and raise your home’s humidity. Be cautious about trying to fix a leak on your own, and make sure you never poke or prod at it—that will only make it worse. Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to take on the task. If you suspect that the problems stem from a poor job installing the boiler in the first place, our Fort Collins, CO boiler installation experts will give you the help you need.

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