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What Benefits Does Geothermal Heating Have to Offer?

It’s now February, and hopefully you won’t find yourself in need of a heating replacement before making it out of winter and into spring. If you are planning on replacing an old, ailing, or inefficient system once this winter is over, though, you’ve likely already started to weigh your options. One great system to consider is the geothermal heating system. Geothermal heating systems are unique in the residential heating industry, and can offer certain benefits that other systems just cannot match. Let us install and service your system if you decide that geothermal heating is right for you.

Outstanding Efficiency

When you use a furnace or a boiler to heat your home, you are paying to generate heat. With a geothermal heating system, though, you are not generating heat. Instead, heat pump technology is used to facilitate a heat transfer process. An antifreeze solution courses through the geothermal loop buried in the ground, and absorbs its heat. This heat is exchanged with the refrigerant in the compressor, and that refrigerant is compressed, boosting its thermal energy. That thermal energy is then used to heat air for distribution throughout your home, with only a very small amount of electricity used in the process.

Great Reliability

Air source heat pumps are now more dependable than ever before, but they still draw heat from the air. That means that there is the potential for them to be overwhelmed in cases of extreme cold. Temperatures beneath the ground, on the other hand, are quite constant. Because of this, geothermal heating systems are extremely reliable.

Heating and Cooling

During the summer season, the geothermal heat pump can double as an air conditioning system. Heat is removed from the air in your home, and it sinks into the ground outside. This means that you can live comfortably all year long, while using just one HVAC system.

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