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Use an ERV for Year Round Benefits

When you heat your home—or cool it, for that matter—you want to do so in the most efficient manner possible. Nobody wants to overpay for their comfort. That is why so many homes are constructed so tightly these days.

The problem is that, by sealing up your home extremely tightly, you can actually put your indoor air quality at risk. If your home does not have sufficient insulation, you may be able to cut down on unwanted heat transfer. Your air quality will likely fall as a result, however. An ERV helps you to enjoy both great efficiency and outstanding indoor air quality. 

Recover the Energy You’ve Paid For

Ventilating your home is important if you don’t want the air within to go stale and decline in quality. However, you obviously are not going to throw your windows open in the middle of winter to let the fresh air in. That would waste the energy that you’ve used to heat your home, right?

Well, when you use an energy recovery ventilator in Timnath, CO, you can bring fresh air into your home while recovering the energy that you used to heat it in the first place. The outgoing warm air basically pre-cools the incoming fresh, but cold, air. In the summer, the heat exchange just goes in the opposite direction. The incoming hot air has some of its heat removed by the outgoing cool air.

In the process, the humidity of the air streams is also balanced. This serves to further boost the quality of the air in your home. No longer must you choose between fresh, clean air, comfort, and your budget. ERVs work year round to strike the balance between these factors.

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