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The Heating Season Is Coming, So Keep Carbon Monoxide in Mind

Heating your home effectively, reliably, and efficiently throughout the winter season is an absolute necessity. In this day and age, with so many home heating options to choose from, there is really no reason why your comfort during the coldest time of the year should be compromised. As important as it is to keep your home comfortable, though, it is even more important to ensure that you are able to do so safely.

That is precisely why it is so important that you have a good carbon monoxide detector installed in your home. Carbon monoxide can be quite dangerous and difficult to detect, as you’ll learn more about below. If you want to use your heater in Fort Collins, CO as safely as possible, you need to have a great carbon monoxide detector on your side. 

What Is Carbon Monoxide, And Why Is It of Concern?

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a poisonous gas generated by the incomplete combustion of fuels, including natural gas, propane, oil, and wood. That is why the proper ventilation of any systems and/or appliances using these fuels, from heating systems to water heaters and ovens, is so important. Not only is carbon monoxide poisonous, but it is also essentially impossible for human beings to detect.

CO, in its natural state, does not have any color for you to see. It has no odor for you to smell, or taste for your register. Because of this, you may not even realize that you’re exposed to carbon monoxide until the symptoms of exposure set in. You may feel flu-like symptoms, including headaches and nausea. That can graduate to vomiting, body aches, and, at high enough levels for long enough times, unconsciousness and death.

A carbon monoxide detector protects you and your family from the dangers of CO exposure. It is important that you have CO detectors in your home, ideally in every sleeping area and in the proximity of any combustion-based systems. If you have any concerns about your CO coverage, give us a call.

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