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Steps Taken During Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

As we warily anticipate the movement into spring, and another harsh winter is laid to rest, it is already time to start looking forward. With summer fast approaching, along with the heat that it brings with it, you need to know that your air conditioning system is in fine working condition. The only way to ensure that your air conditioner is indeed in peak working order is to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Loveland with a trained, qualified professional. Guarantee that this is the case by making ours the number that you call. Our technicians are happy to thoroughly inspect your system and to tune it up as needed.

There are a number of steps taken during routine air conditioning maintenance services which will help your technician to evaluate the overall condition of your AC. Armed with this information, we can go about prepping your air conditioner for the hottest time of the year accordingly. First, we will not your system settings, then begin our inspection. The ground surrounding your condenser unit will be checked to ensure that your condenser coil is enjoying sufficient airflow.

The coils themselves will be checked to ensure their good condition, and they will also be sprayed down with cleaner. The line will be cleared out and replaced if need, and the drain pan will be cleaned out as well. Contacts will also be checked to ensure that they are not excessively worn or exhibiting signs of burning. Temperature differentials will be measured, and your ductwork will be visually checked for leaks. Simple and easy to access leaks may be sealed with mastic. Once all of the steps in the maintenance procedure are completed, your system will be closed back up and it will be returned to its original settings. Upon completion of the service, your AC will be ready for action.

A central air conditioning system is dependent upon numerous different parts and components in its operation. If any one of these components is not functioning properly, then there is just no way in which you can hope for your AC to work at peak performance and efficiency levels.

Schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Loveland with a technician here at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

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