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Signs of Trouble with Commercial Coolers

If you own a small grocery or an eatery, then you likely have a fair amount of commercial refrigeration equipment in your property. Regardless of the size and scale of your operation, it is vital that your commercial refrigeration equipment, including your commercial coolers, are in great working condition. That is why you should learn some of the signs that there is a problem with your commercial coolers. That way, you can have any problems resolved before your system suffers serious damages.

Following are a few common signs of trouble with commercial coolers. Be sure to contact our technicians if you notice any such problems in your property.

Water Leaks

You definitely do not want to see any water pooling in or around your commercial cooler. Not only is this a safety hazard, but it could also indicate a potentially serious problem with your commercial refrigeration equipment. It could be a case of excessive condensation in the cooler, or it may be a sign of a subpar installation. Whatever the situation, count on us to resolve the problem.

Open Doors

Are you careful to completely close the doors of your commercial coolers whenever you are through with them, only to find them apparently popping open of their own accord time and time again? It is a seriously aggravating issue, and it can likely be repaired with relative ease by one of our technicians. The latch or closure assist may be compromised, or you may have problems with your gasket. Again, our team is here to ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed and resolved.


Your commercial cooler or freezer is not an ice machine. If you see ice developing in your commercial refrigeration equipment, you need to contact us know right away. Perhaps you’ve got an iced-over evaporator coil, or gaps in the seals of your system are allowing for condensation to build and ice to develop. You don’t want to put the integrity of your system or its performance at risk, so prompt repairs are in your best interest.

Let Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning handle your commercial refrigeration services in Loveland, CO. 

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