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Signs That You Need Ice Machine Repair

ice-machineIf you own and/or operate a dining establishment or a bar, regardless of whether or not it is a casual lunch spot or an upscale dining destination, your clientele with definitely have some expectations coming in. Among them is the chance to enjoy an icy cold beverage from the bar or soda fountain. If you cannot provide the customer with ice for his or her beverage–let alone your staff with ice for keeping food fresh leading up to preparation–then you are going to have serious issues to deal with.

That is why it is so important that your ice machine is kept in great working condition. Ice machines are relatively simple systems, charged with handling just one task: making ice! Just because they are simple in theory does not mean that they will operate perfectly, though. These systems work hard, and that wear and tear can take a toll. We have some tips to help you recognize the need for ice machine repair in Loveland, CO.

What to Look Out For

As is the case with any appliance or commercial refrigeration system, your ice machine may suffer from a number of different operational issues. Because of this, there are a number of potential warning signs to keep in mind. Not every problem will manifest in the same way, so be sure to keep these indicators in mind.

  1. Leaks: If you see water surrounding your ice machine, you need to contact us right away. This not only indicates that you may have a leak in the supply line, wasting water that you are paying for, but you may also have a damaged receptacle. It could be letting heat in and allowing ice to melt. Whatever the case, wet floors in your establishment are also a big reliability.
  2. Reduced output: Have you been flipping open the ice machine to grab a fresh scoop, only to find that it just is not filling up despite having been given what used to be adequate time for doing so? Then you could have an issue with incoming water temperature or water flow rates.
  3. Loud operating sounds: Your ice machine is not going to operate silently. You may hear water being delivered, and you’ll hear ice dropping into the collection bin. If your ice machine is making strange new sounds, though, or if it is just making louder noises than ever before, contact us. Ignoring the problem is only going to increase the risk of more serious repair needs.
  4. Foul taste or odor: If you notice that your ice tastes bad or has a foul odor, you may need to change a filter and/or give the bin a thorough cleaning. If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, though, you should contact a professional to have your water tested. You could have low-quality water, and that could have implications for the health of your patrons.

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