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Should I Cool My Home with a Heat Pump?

As you can imagine, there is really no single air conditioning system which will perfectly suit every home, nor will every homeowner be looking for the same things when considering their air conditioning options. If you are looking for a new air conditioner in the Fort Collins, CO area, though, we’d like to make a friendly suggestion: consider the installation of a heat pump on your property. They offer a few benefits that other residential cooling systems cannot match. This is due largely to their unique design and method of operation. Read the information below, and call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your heat pump services.  

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps share much in common with more traditional split central air conditioning systems. They use an outdoor unit, which contains the compressor, and distribute cooled air throughout the house via a system of air ducts. During the summer, as you use your heat pump to cool your household, there is actually very little difference between its operation and a central AC. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in the house, and vents it outside. However, during the winter season, the heat pump really sets itself apart.

You see, a component called a reversing valve actually allows a heat pump to reverse its operation. The refrigerant cycle is reversed, and the refrigerant now absorbs heat from the air outside. This warmed refrigerant is further compressed, and that heat is used to heat air for distribution throughout the household.

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

From the description above, you may think that  a heat pump’s greatest benefit is the fact that it is able to offer year round comfort. This is certainly a major benefit, but it is not the only one. Because no fossil fuels are used in order to heat the house, and only a small amount of electricity is needed to facilitate the heat transfer process, a heat pump allows homeowners to heat their homes effectively with incredible energy efficiency. Give us a call today if you think that a heat pump is the right cooling – and, of course, heating – option for your home.

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