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Should I Be Using UV Germicidal Lights?

Homeowners today realize that maintaining comfortable temperatures in their homes is really only part of the comfort equation. The other is maintaining great indoor air quality within their homes. This can be more difficult during the heating and cooling seasons, as opposed to the more mild spring and autumn months, due to the fact that we seal up our homes quite tightly in order to maximize efficiency. With the right IAQ products and services, though, you can still maintain a clean, healthy environment. Using the proper equipment is key, though. If you are up against biological pollutants, for instance, you really need to consider the use of UV air purifiers in Loveland, CO

When to Use UV Germicidal Lights

Not every home is going to require the use of UV germicidal lights. But those that do will benefit significantly from them. UV germicidal lights use small, safe amounts of ultraviolet radiation to destroy biological pollutants within ductwork. They are typically installed near the air handler, so as to treat all of the air passing through the system. Biological pollutants include viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. If you have issues with frequent illness in your home, or if mold keeps popping up, using UV germicidal lights is an option to consider.

Limitations of Use

Most residential HVAC systems cannot fully filter out biological pollutants, as the pollutants can continue to reproduce even once they’re trapped in the filter. That is why air purifiers that destroys pollutansts are so beneficial. Remember, however, that such systems won’t do anything to remove more run-of-the-mill contaminants from the air in your home, such as dust and dirt. That is why purifiers should be used in conjunction with more traditional air cleaning/filtration systems, and not be mistaken as a replacement for those options.

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