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Never Ignore These 3 Signs of AC Trouble

When your air conditioner starts blowing warm air, or breaks down entirely in the middle of the cooling season, you know that you need to have it repaired pronto. However, any problems with your air conditioner should really be dealt with in the same manner. In truth, there is no such thing as a problem “minor” enough to ignore when it comes to your AC system. Even problems that seem relatively minor, after all, can do serious damage if given the time. That is why you ought to schedule professional air conditioning repairs in Fort Collins, CO as soon as you notice any signs of trouble, innocuous as they may be. Here are a few that you should never ignore; contact¬†Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning if you spot them.¬†


Yes, your air conditioner is supposed to cool your home down. However, you should never see ice on your air conditioner as it attempts to do so. Icing can occur for a few reasons: clogged air filters, refrigerant leaks, and other operational problems. If your system ices up, it can have seriously detrimental effects on its performance, and eventually its condition, not to mention your budget.

Low Air Flow

You may notice that your air conditioner is blowing cool air, but that it doesn’t really seem to be blowing enough of it. This is a serious problem that you must never ignore. If your system is of the right size and previously blew sufficient cooled air throughout your home, it should not stop doing so. Make sure that your air filter is not clogged up, and schedule repairs with a member of our staff.

Odd Sounds

Even if your AC is cooling your home successfully, you cannot afford to ignore any odd sounds that it may be making. Whistling sounds may mean that you have an air leak, while a gurgling may indicate a refrigerant leak. You may also find that your system is grinding, which could be due to damaged fan components or other vital parts of the system. A trained professional should inspect and resolve any such problems as soon as possible.

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