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Leaky Ductwork Is a Serious Problem!

If you use a radiant heating or ductless system, then you are not going to be depending upon your air ducts again until the cooling season arrives once more. If you use a forced-air heating system, such as a furnace or a heat pump, though, then your heating system is still very much a part of your day to day life. You cannot let leaky ductwork go unresolved.

Unfortunately, there is no way in which to guarantee that you will never encounter problems of any kind with your air ducts. When you do, however, there are definitely warning signs that you can recognize and which can give you an early alert. Read on, and remember to let the professionals on our staff handle your duct sealing services in Loveland, CO.

  1. Low heating efficiency is definitely something to keep an eye out for. Yes, you are going to have to pay to heat your home. If you’ve been doing so for at least a couple of seasons, you probably have a basic idea of how much it costs to keep your home warm. If you see any inexplicable spikes in your heating costs, despite not using your heater any differently, leaks in your air ducts are likely.
  2. Falling indoor air quality may also suggest that you have leaks in your ductwork. When your air ducts leak, it’s not just air leaking out that should concern you. It’s also pollutants making their way in. When that happens, those pollutants can be distributed throughout your entire home via your air ducts.
  3. Cold spots are yet another sign that you’ve got leaks in your air ducts, particularly if you have hot spots in those same areas when running your whole-house air conditioner. When the ductwork serving any given area of your home is leaking, that area is not going to get the conditioned air it should.

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