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Is My Heater in Need of Repairs?

We recently talked about strange boiler sounds and what they may mean for your home heating system. Strange sounds are a common sign that you need heating repairs in Wellington, CO, but they are far from the only indicator. Here are a few more tips that should help you to get out ahead of heating repairs.

Cold Spots in Your Home

If your heater is not the right size for your living space, or if it was not properly installed, then it may never have heated your whole home effectively. However, if your heater used to work just fine in this regard, but is now leaving cold spots throughout your house, it is likely that there is a problem with the heater that can be repaired. Uneven heating is likely the result of a damaged heat distribution system. This may mean that you need to have ducts repaired, or even that the hydronic heating pipes are compromised. That can lead to serious problems for your home, so schedule service immediately.

Increased Heating Costs

Not all problems with your heating system are going to make themselves immediately known. Some issues won’t necessarily impede the heating process, but they will cause the efficiency with which your heating system operates to drop. That is why it is important to monitor the costs associated with running your heater. If they spike without clear reason, you are likely dealing with a heating problem compromising the efficiency of the system.

Strange Odors

Just like strange, unfamiliar sounds can signify a problem with your heating system, so too can strange odors. When you first turn a system on for the year, you may smell a burning odor. This could simply be dust burning off of heating elements or burners. If the issue persists, though, or if you should smell fuel when running your heater, you need to have a professional come assess the situation and complete any necessary repairs.

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