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Is Ductless Heating an Option Worth Considering?

We could answer the question posed in the title of this post with a simple “yes,” but we’ll give you a bit more to work with than that. Ductless heating in Fort Collins, CO is absolutely worth your consideration. In fact, there are many benefits that ductless mini splits have to offer that more traditional heating systems simply cannot match.

Read on to learn a bit more about why you may want to use a ductless heating system in your home. If you still have any questions, be sure to contact us. We are happy to help you decide if ductless heating is the right option for your home.

Use One System for Efficient Comfort All Year Long!

That just about says it all. Ductless mini split HVAC systems are heat pumps, which means that they are capable of operating as both heating and cooling systems. That type of versatility is a big benefit. Even bigger, though, is the benefit of outstanding energy efficiency.

The ductless mini split is highly efficient for a few reasons. First of all, heat pumps don’t generate new heat. Refrigerant is evaporated outdoors, and absorbs heat from the air outside. Then, that refrigerant is compressed. This further boosts its thermal energy. That energy is then used to heat the air inside as the refrigerant in the system is condensed indoors.

Adding to the efficiency is the fact that ductless mini splits don’t lose any energy via duct leaks, as they don’t use any ducts at all. Plus, you can control each individual blower in the system independently. That means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining one temperature throughout the entire house. All of this adds up to great efficiency.

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