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I Need A New AC: What Should I Do First?

If your air conditioning system has completely stopped working or if you’re finishing up a new home build and need a new air conditioner, you could be stuck wondering what the first step is. Here at Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning we have years of experience with Loveland, CO AC installation. We know how difficult it can be to pick out a new AC system which is why we put together this quick guide. Give us a call today if you’d like more information about air conditioning installation or if you’d like some help picking gout your new system.

Loveland, CO AC Installation: First Steps

One of the most common mistakes that we see homeowners make is that they just go out and buy the biggest air conditioning system that they can afford. While it might seem that this would result in a more comfortable home, it likely will result in the opposite. The first step of the process, then, is to figure out how much cooling your home requires. Then you can look for an AC system that provides that amount of cooling. This will result in more efficient operation and greater comfort in your home. Make sure that you call a professional Loveland, CO AC installation contractor like Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning. We can help you figure out how much air your AC system needs to cool and then advise you on which system will work best.

After that, you need to decide on the efficiency rating for your air conditioning system. Usually, AC systems are given a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) that describes how much energy the system uses to produce a certain amount of cooling. In order to receive an Energy Star rating, an air conditioner must meet a certain SEER rating, usually 14.

From there, all that remains is the actual installation itself. For this part, it is also recommended that you use a professional contractor. Poor installation is one of the most common cause of air conditioning issues because there are so many different things that can go wrong during the process.

When you need Loveland, CO AC installation make sure that you call the friendly specialists at Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning.

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