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How Much Maintenance Do Radiant Heating Systems Require?

With all of the different heating systems available to homeowners today, it can be difficult to determine precisely which is the right option for any particular home. The good news is that the heating professionals here at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help. We are familiar with all of the heating systems out there, and one that we can recommend whole-heartedly is the radiant heater. Radiant heating systems come in different varieties, but they all share a few characteristics in common. One of the most appealing is the limited maintenance that such systems require. Radiant heating maintenance in Loveland is still an absolute necessity, of course. If you are ready to schedule such services, then contact the professional radiant heating technicians on our staff.

To understand why it is that radiant heating systems require less maintenance than certain other systems, you must first understand how it is that they work. While some systems use electric radiant heating panels, most homeowners opt to heat water with a boiler, and to circulate that heated water throughout a network of tubes running throughout the house. They may be installed behind walls or beneath the floors. Such methods of hyrdronic heating allow for the even, effective heating of a home, with great efficiency to boot.

The main difference between radiant heating and forced air heating systems is the fact, of course, that radiant heaters don’t require ducted, forced air distribution systems in order to heat a home. Boilers are simpler in mechanical terms than furnaces, don’t require fans and other moving parts that furnaces or heat pumps do, and don’t use air ducts. The fans and ductwork that forced air distribution systems utilize leave a lot more room for damages, and require much more in the way of maintenance than a radiant heating system does. While it is important to have your boiler tuned-up and inspected on a regular basis, you can count on a reliable performance from the radiant distribution system, which doesn’t suffer the same sort of wear and tear that other options do.

No heating system is without its drawbacks and maintenance needs, and your radiant heater is no exception. However, these maintenance needs are pretty light when compared to other alternatives.

If you are ready to schedule radiant heating maintenance in Loveland, just call the technicians at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

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