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How Good Installation Can Benefit Your Fort Collins, CO Heating System

Spring is a great time to take care of any errant heating issues that you may have missed during the heating season. In fact, it’s a great time to install a new Fort Collins, CO heating system. Whether yours is suffering from old age or frequent repair that is taking your home budget to the limit, investing in the future of your home comfort is critical to next season. We’d like to share with you some ways that good installation can benefit your new heater. For exceptional Fort Collins, CO heating installation, call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today!

  • Reliability. The whole reason to install a new heating system in your home is for it to be more reliable than the last one. But the installation of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, geothermal systems, and radiant heating requires significant training and knowledge. Heating systems involve complex connections between plumbing and electrical systems whose hookups can make or break your new heating system. If you want your system to last for years to come, then you need good pro installation.
  • Energy efficiency. With the ever-rising cost of energy, it’s no wonder that you may be thinking about energy efficiency. While some of today’s heating systems boast AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of up to 97%, which indicates only 3% loss, all that technology will go to waste unless it is paired with quality installation. Besides, the ratings are only estimates, and the installation of every aspect of your system, from your thermostat to your ductwork, will ultimately affect how much you will pay for energy over the years to come.
  • Performance. But performance is what installation comes down to. You need your heater to be effective no matter what the temperature is outside. If you’re serious about this investment in the future of your home comfort, then you’ll need good, professional installation to get the most out of your new heater. While many of today’s heaters are more powerful than yesterday’s, they need professional care to live up to their full potential.

Call Fort Collins Air Conditioning & Heating today for exceptional Fort Collins, CO heating installation!

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