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How Does Zone Air Conditioning Work with a Duct System?

Before zone control systems, turning on a central air conditioner meant cooling down all of home, regardless of whether certain rooms required it or not. An AC was either on or it was off, and there was no in-between to account for the changing temperature needs for different rooms or individuals.

The installation of zone control systems has changed this, however. Zone control divides a home into different regions (“zones”) with separate temperature controls that operate individually of each other for room-to-room air conditioning. A homeowner can lower or close off cooling power to locations that either require less cooling or which aren’t being used. This not only alleviates energy waste and lowers utility bills, but it accounts for the variable temperature needs of people in a household and gives them control over the cooling level wherever they are.

To find out more about how zone air conditioning can work for you in Bellevue, CO, call our AC professionals at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. Whether you are looking for a completely new air conditioning installation with zone control, or you want to retrofit your current system for zone control, we can handle the job.

Zone Control and Ductwork in Bellevue, CO

How do zone controls actually work with air conditioners? They aren’t part of the AC unit itself but are placed inside the ductwork that channels the cooled air from the unit throughout the house. Installers place dampers inside the ducts to separate the house into its various zones. These zone dampers control the airflow and air pressure. Each of the zone dampers is connected to an individual thermostat located on the wall in the zone, allowing someone to control the temperature locally without affecting the other zones.

The network of zone thermostats hooks up to a central control panel where the homeowners can oversee the temperatures in all zones and change which ones receive cooling. The system can be programmed to regulate the different temperatures throughout the house automatically.

Zone control installation is complicated and requires accessing the ducts without damaging them and creating air leaks. The electrical work required to hook up the dampers to the thermostats and the thermostats to the central panel is also intricate. You will need to hire trained professionals with years of experience working with air conditioning and ventilation to perform the job correctly.

If you find that you waste a large amount of energy each summer cooling down rooms that don’t need it (such as guest rooms), or if you find it difficult to locate a temperature setting that keeps everyone in your household comfortable, then consider a retro-fit zone control system.

Our installers at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning can handle fitting your house in Bellevue, Co for zone air conditioning. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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