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How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

When it comes to outstanding energy efficiency when heating a home, geothermal heating is pretty tough to beat. This technology has been around for decades, but there are still a lot of homeowners who don’t fully understand how it works. That’s why we’d like to share some information that will help you to better grasp the ins and outs of geothermal heating.

Before we get to that, we need to remind you that any geothermal heating services in Timnath, CO, absolutely must be completed by trained professionals. These systems are very different from more standard heaters, and not every heating technician will have the knowledge and experience necessary to install and service this type of equipment properly. That is why you should leave such service to our team.

Geothermal Is Not a Free Resource

One major misconception is that geothermal heating is essentially a “free” resource. After all, heat is just pulled from the ground and used to heat the living space, right? If this is your understanding of how geothermal heating works, some further information is definitely necessary.

Yes, existing heat from the ground is used to heat your home when you use a geothermal heating system. However, it is not as simple as absorbing that heat and redistributing it into your home. A geothermal heating system uses a heat pump, and that heat pump exchanges heat with the ground.

A geothermal loop system is buried on your property, and the heat transfer liquid draws heat out of the ground. However, the heat from that liquid is then exchanged with the refrigerant in the heat pump. This refrigerant is then compressed to boost its thermal energy, and then it is used to heat your home. It’s still an efficient manner of heating your home because no fuel is actually burned in order to generate heat from scratch. However, the heat transfer process and the refrigerant cycle do demand that some electricity is used.

If you have any questions about how geothermal heating and cooling works, contact a member of our team. Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning will help you to decide if this is the right system for your home.

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