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How Condenser Issues Impact Your Air Conditioner

It’s hard to believe we are thinking about air conditioning in Loveland after the winter we’ve had, but summer is definitely on its way. The three key components of your air conditioner – the compressor, the evaporator and the condenser – will be working in sync to make sure your property stays cool this summer. Each of the 3 components has its own job to do, but if one begins to malfunction, it can affect the other two. Let’s take a look at how issues with your condenser affect your air conditioning system.

How Condenser Issues Impact the Operation of Your Air Conditioner

The condenser in your air conditioning unit helps to remove heat from the system and bring it outdoors. It resides in the outdoor unit of your system, and has coils, fins and a fan. The condenser releases the heat from indoors through hot refrigerant gas in its coils, pulls in air from the outdoors through the fins and cools the coils with the fan. The cooled refrigerant – which is now a liquid – moves to the evaporator. With this process, there are several ways a malfunctioning condenser can impact your air conditioner:

Decreased air flow – the condenser unit pulls air into your air conditioning system through the fins on outside of the unit. If these fins get bent, the air flow can become restricted, and this restriction can run through the entire system.

Decreased efficiency – if the condenser becomes strained in any way, it can put pressure on the rest of the components; this means your air conditioner is working harder to achieve the same temperature it was before. In order to work harder, the system needs more power. The best way to spot decreased efficiency is in increased energy bills.

Warm Air – the condenser requires the correct amount of refrigerant to work properly. If there has been a loss in refrigerant, the condenser can’t release enough heat to cool down as needed. The result can be  warm air blowing into your property.

Test Your Air Conditioner in Spring

Spring provides a great opportunity to test your air conditioning system for problems. Schedule an appointment with Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today.

If you suspect your condenser isn’t working, or that there may be an issue elsewhere in the system, don’t hesitate to call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for an appointment.

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