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Hail Damage and Air Conditioning System Repairs

The hail season in Northern Colorado has come down on us more intense than usual in Fort Collins this year. The hail storms, such as the major one that struck the city on June 24, have caused significant damage to roofs, skylights, cars, and businesses.

Not mentioned as often in reports about the effect of the hail is the damage inflicted on the outdoor condenser units of air conditioners. Although the cabinets of condensers are built sturdy to handle the Colorado weather, the level of hail that has struck the northern part of the state can cause damage that will require professional repairs. Even if the inner components of an air conditioner’s condenser do not receive any damage from a hail storm, there is damage to the cabinet that can affect both the air conditioner’s performance and efficiency.

If you have any doubts regarding your AC’s condenser because of hail damage, you should contact a dependable HVAC repair company to examine it. Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has 80 years of experience with the weather conditions in Northern Colorado and how they can affect air conditioning systems, so make us your first call when you want your air conditioning system examine for problems due to hail. We’ll look over your condenser and see what repairs (if any) are needed.

The most common kind of issue that can affect an AC due to hail is flattening of the air fins on the outside of the unit, which will lead to a restriction of airflow across the condenser coil. If you see damage on the outside of the cabinet that looks like it has affected the air fins, you definitely need to have technicians look over it: running the AC in this condition will lead to inefficient performance, poor cooling levels, and a shortened lifespan for the system. Another common issue from hail is particles getting inside the cabinet and damaging the fan; technicians will examine the fan blades for possible bends.

For any hail damage, you should contact your insurance adjuster to examine the AC unit and see if you are covered for repairs. Be cautious of possible scams, such as contractors who visit door-to-door offering a good deal on repairs with leftover material.

Companies performing repairs for the damage done by hail in Fort Collins must be licensed, so call a trusted company like Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning to handle the repair work.

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