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Forced-Air Heaters Need Clean Filters

Using a forced-air heating system, like a furnace or a heat pump, is the preferred method of maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the winter season for many homeowners. Just because your heater is operational, however, doesn’t mean that it is performing at peak efficiency and performance levels. One way in which you can help your heater is by keeping a fresh air filter in place.

Routine heating maintenance is very important for keeping your system up and running properly. But you cannot leave filter changes for your professional heating technician to handle once a year. Filters need to be changed far more frequently in order to enjoy quality heating in Laporte, CO.

Problems Caused by Dirty Air Filters

The most immediate problem caused by dirty air filters is increased airflow resistance. If your filter is too dirty, your system is going to work harder than it should to force air through that filter. All of the heated air distributed throughout your home passes through this filter, so this is obviously a serious problem. It puts unnecessary strain on the heater, and drives energy costs up in the process.

Dirty air filters can negatively affect your indoor air quality as well. The standard filter in a furnace isn’t really there to boost indoor air quality, as it is of a relatively low efficiency. Its primary purpose is to protect the system and its components themselves. If the air filter gets too dirty, however, unfiltered air can be blown around that filter, putting indoor air quality at risk.

Short cycling is one of the most prevalent issues with dirty air filters. When heat becomes trapped in the system due to decreased airflow, it will cause the system to shut down as temperatures rise too high. The system will cool, and come on again, only to repeat the process. The comfort levels in your home will fall, energy costs will spike, and your system will incur unnecessary wear and tear.

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