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Common Heating Repairs for the End of Winter

It’s finally spring, although that does not guarantee us that we have seen the last of the frigid weather blow through northern Colorado. Still, the end of the regular season for your furnace is now in sight, and soon you’ll think more about the cooling comfort of your air conditioning than the workings of your gas or electric furnace.

So before your mind turns to summer days, take care of any repairs your furnace may need. You don’t want the system to go into its summer hibernation with any malfunctions, since that may mean an ugly surprise on the first cold day of the fall. Timely repairs are key to receiving a long life from your furnace.

Call the experienced team at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning when your home is in need of a heating repair service in Windsor, CO for the end of winter:

  • Replace broken heating elements: This applies to electric furnaces, which use an array of electrically-powered heating elements to raise the temperature of the air the blower sends out into the ducts. Electric furnaces have more than one heating element, and more come on as demand requires. If one burns out, it will reduce the furnace’s heating power. It’s easy to let this repair go when you don’t ned as much heat at the end of winter, but you should have technicians replace the broken element as soon as possible before you suddenly need all the heating elements turning on.
  • Clean the burner: For gas furnaces, the burner must remain clean or else the gas jets will not receive sufficient oxygen to light. This will either reduce heating power or cause the burners to be unable to light at all. For proper cleaning, the burner must be detached from the gas line first, and this requires the work of a professional.
  • Replace worn motors/motor bearings: After a hard winter of work, the motors that run the blower and the fans in the air handler can start to wear down and lose the lubrication that allows them to operate smoothly. If dust has started to get into the cabinet, the problem will grow even worse. If you hear screeching sounds or grinding noises from the furnace, call for professionals to inspect the system to see if motors or motor bearings need replacement.

Rely on Professionals

Any furnace requires an experienced professional to repair it—especially a gas furnace, which poses a significant danger of carbon monoxide exposure and explosions if handled inexpertly. Don’t take any chances with a furnace due for repairs: call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning, where we’ve tended to furnaces since 1934. Give us a call today to set up your next service appointment.

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