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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Fort Collins

Commercial air conditioning has significant differences from residential air conditioning. It’s more than just the size of the systems: commercial ACs are usually packaged units rather than splits, are housed on the rooftop, and are modular. When it comes to taking care of the air conditioning system that cools down your business, you must rely on technicians who are familiar with commercial HVAC and their important difference from residential systems.

You can trust to Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning when you need service to keep your business cooled down this summer. Whether you need installation, repair, or maintenance, we can deliver it for you.

We have an excellent reputation for service on commercial air conditioning in Fort Collins, CO, and our trained technicians are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Some important commercial air conditioning services

  • Installing rooftop units: This is by far the most popular way to cool down a business. If you are looking for new installation, or have moved into a new space, a rooftop unit is ideal because it frees up room and helps reduce noise and sight pollution. It also reduces the chance of damage to the unit.
  • Indoor air quality improvements: Low indoor air quality is a growing concern in the U.S. To help improve the air inside your establishment for the benefit of employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. you can have a number of improvements installed, such as mechanical filters and electronic air purifiers. If you have leaky ducts, they will contribute to lowering air quality; HVAC professionals can seal these ductwork leaks to eliminate the problem.
  • Maintenance: You shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong before you call in commercial AC experts. Sign up for regular maintenance that will keep your business’ cooling system (and heating system) in good shape and as repair-free as possible. An annual visit from a technician will clean and tune-up your air conditioner so it will run efficiently and with no looming worries about a breakdown. Only with regular maintenance can you expect to get a full service life from your workspace’s AC.

We know that the comfort inside your business is important to you, and we want to make sure that you can maintain the highest standards for staying cool during a hot summer. Our specialists in commercial air conditioning in Fort Collins, CO can deliver you all the services you require to keep your AC humming away and your customers and workers happy. Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for whatever you need for your business’ comfort system.

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