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Why Is My Boiler Making Strange Sounds?

When it comes to home heating systems, few can rival the boiler. Boilers are renowned not only for the efficiency with which they operate, as no energy can be lost via duct leaks, but also for their reliability. Even so, it is important to remember that no heating system is perfect. Eventually, you’re going to require professional boiler repairs.

As with any heating system, it’s always best to have your boiler repaired as soon as you are aware of any problems with it. There are a few warning signs that may indicate that something is wrong with a boiler. Strange sounds are among the most common indicators that boiler repairs in Loveland, CO may be necessary.

What Sound Is Your Boiler Making?

Boilers run nearly silently, as they do not use fans or blow air throughout the house. If you start to notice unfamiliar sounds coming from the boiler, or even if the boiler is just operating louder than usual, it is possible that a serious problem is brewing. What noises are your boiler making?

  • Banging when starting up. This could mean delayed ignition. If your boiler is not starting up properly, fuel can build up in the combustion chamber. Then, when ignition occurs, a booming sound will be heard as the fuel combusts. This could result in a dangerous situation.
  • Rumbling. A rumbling boiler is not a boiler that is functioning properly. If your boiler is rumbling, it could have a layer of scale at the bottom. Boilers are not really supposed to boil water, but the water between the scale and the burner may get hot enough to boil. This is a common trouble in homes with hard water.
  • Gurgling or bubbling. This could be the sound of air in the system. If you have air trapped in the system, then you’ll have to bleed it out. A professional technician can bleed air out of your boiler lines and the expansion tank.

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