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Benefits and Drawbacks of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Central air conditioners are the most common systems homeowners choose for air conditioning installation or replacement. But these systems may not be right for every home. Another lesser-known option is ductless mini split air conditioning, which does not require a home’s ducts to circulate air. This is especially beneficial if your home cannot accommodate ductwork installation. If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system, read on to discover the benefits and drawbacks of ductless mini split air conditioning.


If your home or room addition does not have any ductwork installed, a ductless mini split is often the best option. Ductless systems may also benefit those who have experienced problems with their ducts in the past. Air often escapes through the ducts in the home, which accounts for a lot of unnecessary energy loss that is never a problem with a mini split system.

The components of ductless mini splits include an outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor blowers installed throughout the home. Air comes directly from the indoor air handlers installed in separate areas of the home, each of which is controlled with a separate thermostat. This means you will have greater control over how much the AC is used throughout the house, which can also save a lot of energy.

The individual air handlers also benefit the members of your household. If your family members disagree about the temperature setting in the house, they can adjust the temperature in different rooms according to their own preferences for increased comfort.


A ductless mini split air conditioning system may not be the right choice for every home. If you are replacing a central air conditioner, you should talk to an air conditioning specialist about whether installing a ductless system is a good choice. Furthermore, ductless systems may cost more upfront than some central air conditioners. However, many people save every month because ductless systems can reduce energy consumption significantly.

If you’re interested in talking to an air conditioning professional about ductless mini split air conditioning installation, speak with an expert at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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