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Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

Announcing Our 2021 Furnace Winner

Colleen C. of Fort Collins with her new system!

As you may know, we give away a furnace to a local person in need every single year. For 2021, our amazing installers Kevin and Lucas installed a new furnace, smart thermostat, and humidifier for Colleen C of Fort Collins. Here is her story:

“My house was built in 1969, and it has the original furnace. I’m not sure how the furnace continues to work, except that I ask God to keep it working every winter. I am a widow and retired. I’ve lived in my home for 41 years. Although it should be paid for by now, my husband had an extended terminal illness, and we had to refinance the house to help pay medical expenses. The house needs lots of upgrades/remodeling, and I am trying to do a little each year. Although my furnace is working so far this year, it doesn’t heat efficiently, and I’m not sure about whether it is leaking dangerous gases. I do not have the money to replace my furnace, but it would be such a gift to have a new furnace that I knew would be reliable and safe.”

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