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AC Not Working? Check for These Potential Problems

There is no denying the fact that a malfunctioning air conditioner is of serious concern during the hottest time of the year. The fact of the matter, though, is that there are a number of potential problems that could impede the operation of your air conditioner, but which may not be terribly serious or difficult to resolve. Sometimes it pays to be optimistic, so we encourage you to check for these best-case scenarios before panicking or calling in a professional AC repair technician. Of course, if there is not an obvious fix for your problem, the pros on our staff are happy to handle your AC repairs in Loveland, CO.

Double-Check the Thermostat

You really do not need to pay a professional air conditioning technician to come to your home in order to reset your thermostat. That is just what you may wind up doing, though, if you do not think to double-check your thermostat when your air conditioner is failing to meet your cooling needs and expectations. It is possible that you simply set the thermostat wrong, or that it is switched to an “off” or “fan only” position. If this is the case, you need only make a simple adjustment in order to resolve the problem of discomfort in your home.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Because of the amount of electricity that your air conditioner uses when running, it is very likely to be running on its own circuit. That is why you should go check your circuit breaker if your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working, even if every light in the house is still on. Again, you really don’t need to make a service call just to have a breaker switch flipped.

When Did You Last Change Your Air Filter?

Too many homeowners fail to heed the warning about changing their air filters. Failure to do so is a great disservice to your AC system, and to your comfort. If you have not changed your air filter lately, there is a good chance that your cooling problems are stemming from a dirty, clogged filter in the system.

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