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3 Signs That You May Need Air Conditioning Repairs

Now that we’ve made it to April, many homeowners are anxiously anticipating the onset of the summer season. Of course, enjoying summer to its fullest demands that you are able to escape the clutches of its heat when you are ready to cool down. In order to do so, we recommend that you not only invest in a great air conditioning system, but that you also allow the pros on our staff to install and service that system.

Of course, even the best air conditioning systems on the market, and even when well-maintained, are going to encounter occasional operational problems. Scheduling prompt AC repairs in Wellington, CO is always in your best interest, so here are some signs of trouble to look out for.

  1. A decrease in your system’s cooling output is one of the most obvious signs that there is something wrong with your home cooling system. If you feel as though your system is struggling to cool your entire home effectively, or if it seems to be blowing lukewarm air, call our number right away. Refrigerant leaks, issues with blower fans, and other problems could be to blame.
  2. Ice on the system is another sign that your air conditioner is definitely in need of repair services. You may think that ice on an air conditioner is actually a good sign, proof that the system is cooling your home effectively. In truth, though, clogged air filters or low refrigerant levels may be leaving your system incapable of absorbing sufficient heat.
  3. Strange sounds emanating from your air conditioning system during operation are also cause for concern. No, your AC is not going to operate in a silent stealth mode. However, you shouldn’t really be hearing loud grinding, screeching, or booming sounds. If you do, it is in your best interest to allow a member of our staff to evaluate it for repairs ASAP.

Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for great air conditioning repair services.

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