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3 Air Conditioning Sounds to Listen For

Your air conditioner is hopefully up and running reliably and effectively, considering how hot this summer season has been so far. If you are serious about cooling your home, you really need to know for certain that your air conditioner is not just running, but that it is actually running properly. If it is making strange, unfamiliar sounds, this is probably not the case.

Don’t worry, though. Just give the professional technicians on our staff a call the moment that you realize that your system is operating more noisily than usual. We can handle any AC repairs that you may need in Loveland, CO.

Hissing. Clicking. Banging.

We’ll mention hissing first, because it is probably the one sound that we’ll discuss that is the easiest to overlook. If your outdoor unit is hissing, after all, it may actually be drowned out by the normal operational sounds that your system is making. Should you hear hissing, though, remember that this could be the result of refrigerant leaking out of the system. That can cause serious operational problems, lead to inefficiency, and put your comfort in jeopardy. If you hear hissing in your home, it could be due to air leaking out of your ductwork.

Clicking may be the result of an electrical problem with your home cooling system. If your system is still up and running, you may be tempted to ignore some regular clicking. Because this can indicate problems like failing capacitors and faulty relays, though, you really cannot simply put it out of mind. When your system is clicking, you should be dialing—our number, that is.

Finally, there is the sound of banging to consider. This is probably the most difficult to ignore, and can really make a racket. There are a few reasons that your system may be clanging and banging, such as a bent fan blade striking a hard surface during its rotation. It could also mean that you’ve got a loose component in the system that is banging around, though.

Whatever the case, remember the company you can trust: Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

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