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3 Things to Know about Commercial Ventilation Systems

Friday, June 27th, 2014

The ventilation system in a commercial building serves a number of important functions: It’s the conduit for the conditioned air from the building’s HVAC system, bringing heated or cooled air to the different rooms. It serves to protect the indoor air quality. And it circulates air through the building to prevent it from becoming stuffy. If you have a substandard or damaged ventilation system in your building, it will result in an uncomfortable place for workers, clients, and customers, and will also cause an unnecessary energy drain due to inefficient HVAC system operation.

When you need installation, repairs, or maintenance for your commercial ventilation in Fort Collins, CO, you’ll find the quality work you need at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. We have many decades of experience with commercial and residential HVAC systems. Schedule an appointment with us today.

3 things to know about commercial ventilation

  1. Air leaks can lead to big bills: It only takes a small leak along a ventilation system to end up severely damaging an HVAC’s system’s efficiency. Commercial heating and cooling requires a large amount of energy to run, and you don’t want to waste any of that power. But leaks in the ducts will cause a drop in air pressure inside the ventilation system that will force the HVAC system to work harder to compensate. You may not notice a comfort change in the workspace (yet) but you will see jumps in electric bills. Professional duct sealing will take care of this problem.
  2. Damaged ductwork will lower indoor air quality: It’s vital that you protect the quality of the air inside your workplace; because modern buildings have heavy air sealing on them to make sure they maintain heating and cooling efficiency, very little fresh air circulates through them. Should your ducts become damaged, contamination will start to enter them and then get blown out into the air of the workspace. If your ventilation system can no longer maintain quality air because of damage (or if it was poorly installed in the first place) then you should arrange for a replacement of the system.
  3. Repair and replacement work requires specialists: The complexity of commercial ventilation is far beyond that of residential systems, which usually only has a single fan and small HVAC system. Should you need repairs or replacements for your commercial ventilation, you can’t simply call any contractor and hope for the best. Make certain that you only seek out professionals who can handle commercial work.

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has served Northern Colorado’s heating and cooling needs since 1934.

To protect the comfort of your business and its budget, make sure you call us for all your needs for commercial ventilation in Fort Collins, CO.

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Stages of a Heat Pump Maintenance Session

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Heat pumps are remarkable appliances for year-round comfort: in one system, you have both heating and cooling achieved through the same energy-saving method of heat exchange. Even if you live in a part of Colorado with extremely cold winters that might restrict the action of a heat pump during heating mode, you can always make use of a hybrid system that hooks up your heat pump to a backup heater so you’ll always have sufficient warmth no matter the temperature outside.

Like any home comfort system, a heat pump requires regular maintenance for it to keep working efficiently and effectively. You need to schedule two visits a year for it, one before the warm weather starts and one before the cold weather. We’ll look at the stages of heat pump maintenance a Wellington, CO system will undergo when it’s time for the summer preparation session.

To sign up for a maintenance program today, contact the NATE-certified team at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer excellent Energy Savings Agreements, and have a track record stretching back to 1934 that speaks for itself.

What occurs during heat pump maintenance

  • Thermostat check: The technicians look over the thermostat to ensure that it is properly calibrated to read temperatures correctly and it is maintaining its connection to the heat pump.
  • Inspect the reversing valve: This is the critical component that differentiates a heat pump from an air conditioner, since it allows the heat pump to switch between heating and air conditioning modes.
  • Check on refrigerant level and pressure: The technicians will see that the right amount of refrigerant is in the system (and will fill it if it is not) and at the right pressure to avoid damaging the rest of the components.
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor coils: To prevent the coils from losing their heat absorption/releasing properties, the technicians will remove and clean both coils.
  • Check and clear the condensate lines: Heat pumps have two sets of condensate drainage lines, and the technicians must look over both to see that they are clear of any blockages.
  • Clean and lubricate the motors: The mechanical parts of the heat pump must be clean and well-lubricated to see that they do not undergo too much stress and threaten to overheat or become “fixed.”
  • Electrical systems check: The majority of heat pump repair troubles arise from errors in the electrical system, so the technicians make sure it is in good shape and will tighten any loose connections.
  • Test airflow: The technicians turn on the heat pump and use sensors to see that airflow is normal.

The technicians will not leave your home until they are certain that your heat pump is working its best or else they have helped you schedule any necessary repair work they have uncovered.

You can place your trust in Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for your heat pump maintenance.

We take pride in the service our highly-trained technicians provide, and we offer superior customer service for all your needs for heating and cooling, all year long. Call us today!

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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Fort Collins

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Commercial air conditioning has significant differences from residential air conditioning. It’s more than just the size of the systems: commercial ACs are usually packaged units rather than splits, are housed on the rooftop, and are modular. When it comes to taking care of the air conditioning system that cools down your business, you must rely on technicians who are familiar with commercial HVAC and their important difference from residential systems.

You can trust to Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning when you need service to keep your business cooled down this summer. Whether you need installation, repair, or maintenance, we can deliver it for you.

We have an excellent reputation for service on commercial air conditioning in Fort Collins, CO, and our trained technicians are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Some important commercial air conditioning services

  • Installing rooftop units: This is by far the most popular way to cool down a business. If you are looking for new installation, or have moved into a new space, a rooftop unit is ideal because it frees up room and helps reduce noise and sight pollution. It also reduces the chance of damage to the unit.
  • Indoor air quality improvements: Low indoor air quality is a growing concern in the U.S. To help improve the air inside your establishment for the benefit of employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. you can have a number of improvements installed, such as mechanical filters and electronic air purifiers. If you have leaky ducts, they will contribute to lowering air quality; HVAC professionals can seal these ductwork leaks to eliminate the problem.
  • Maintenance: You shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong before you call in commercial AC experts. Sign up for regular maintenance that will keep your business’ cooling system (and heating system) in good shape and as repair-free as possible. An annual visit from a technician will clean and tune-up your air conditioner so it will run efficiently and with no looming worries about a breakdown. Only with regular maintenance can you expect to get a full service life from your workspace’s AC.

We know that the comfort inside your business is important to you, and we want to make sure that you can maintain the highest standards for staying cool during a hot summer. Our specialists in commercial air conditioning in Fort Collins, CO can deliver you all the services you require to keep your AC humming away and your customers and workers happy. Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning for whatever you need for your business’ comfort system.

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The Advantages of Installing a Dehumidifier

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Your air conditioner dehumidifies the air in your home to a certain extent during operation, helping to improve your indoor air quality in Berthoud. But when humidity becomes excessive, your home can feel damp and uncomfortable. How can you improve your overall indoor air quality in Berthoud, especially when it comes to humidity? One great tool is a whole-home dehumidifier, one of the many IAQ products offered by Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

What Are the Benefits of a Dehumidifier?

There are several benefits to installing a whole-home dehumidifier to your air conditioning system:

Decrease in Allergy Symptoms

Dust mites thrive in humid settings, and pollen likes to cling to the moisture in the air, creating a potentially tough environment for allergy sufferers. By removing excess humidity with a dehumidifier, things like dust mites and pollen no longer have an optimal setting in which to irritate an allergy sufferer.

Prevention of Mold Growth

Mold growth can be dangerous, particularly if someone in your home is allergic to it; removing the moisture mold needs to grow via a dehumidifier helps curb its growth in your air conditioning system and home.

Energy Savings

Moisture in the air makes it feel warmer; when this excess water is removed, it feels cooler to your skin, even if you haven’t lowered the temperature on your thermostat. When this effect happens throughout your household, you may be able to run your AC at a higher temperature setting, even when it’s hot outside. Those few degrees can save you money on your monthly utility bill.

Increase in Comfort

When the moisture level in your home is reduced, it feels drier, and as a result, more comfortable. Nothing is worse than feeling clammy, whether it’s in hot or cold air; with a whole-home dehumidifier, you won’t have to worry about feeling that kind of discomfort.

Talk to Us About Improving Your Air Quality

Since 1934, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has been helping customers achieve the comfort they need during hot Colorado summers. Part of achieving full comfort is improving the indoor air quality in your Berthoud, CO home.

Do you think your home could benefit from a dehumidifier? Call Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today and schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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