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Fort Collins, CO Heat Recovery Ventilator Services by Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning - Fort Collins, CO Heat Recovery Ventilator Services by Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning

Throughout the year, today’s modern buildings struggle to ensure that adequate ventilation is taking place. Poor indoor air quality is often a direct reflection of a building envelope’s inability to bring in fresh air, but opening windows and doors is hardly a solution, particularly during the summer and winter months. You need to make sure that your existing indoor air not only recirculates throughout the space effectively, but also that your indoor air quality is refreshed in an efficient manner. We offer a number of different solutions for such issues, and we customize one that suits your needs.

For example, the heat recovery ventilator is a whole-house HVAC upgrade that integrates directly into your existing air ducts so that your entire indoor air space is thoroughly ventilated with fresh air, all without the efficiency pitfalls that come from opening up a window or door. Have a question? No problem. We can make sure that your heat recovery ventilator is chosen carefully and then integrated properly into the HVAC system as a whole. We also repair and maintain such equipment, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more about what we can do for the cleanliness of your air.

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning provides heat recovery ventilator services to Fort Collins and the surrounding CO areas.

What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

As you may have already guessed, a heat recovery ventilator functions much as you would expect: before exhausting your indoor air supply, the HRV recovers the thermal energy of that air and uses it to pre–condition incoming outdoor air. The purpose of this device is to ventilate your home in the most energy efficient manner possible. When properly installed and serviced, it can recover about 80% of the energy of your indoor air, and the HRV is particularly suitable to our winters. We also install and service energy recovery ventilators, which works similarly.

Why Whole–House Ventilation is So Important

Today’s homes and commercial buildings are built for energy efficiency. That means the entire building envelope is well insulated and tightly sealed in order to avoid heat loss during the winter and incoming heat during the summer. You need to make sure that you have what you need in terms of ventilation so that you can achieve a pleasant and healthy indoor air quality throughout the home or work space.

Whether you are an allergy–sufferer, have a persistent respiratory issue or just want to breathe cleaner air inside your own home, ventilation is of critical importance. The Environmental Protection Agency lists poor indoor air quality as a leading health risk throughout the country, and a heat recovery ventilator can help you achieve great indoor air quality while keeping your monthly energy expenses low.

Our Heat Recovery Ventilator Services: Installation, Repair, Maintenance

You can count on our team to handle everything about your heat recovery ventilator installation, replacement, repair or maintenance service. We have trained HVAC technicians on our team who will not only answer your questions, but also make sure that you have exactly what you need, and nothing that you do not. Contact the friendly staff at Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning today.