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FCHA Charity of the Month

For many years, Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning has been giving back to the community. We are no strangers to philanthropy. However, year after year, we kept giving back to the same organizations that we were familiar with or the ones that kept asking for contributions. To do our part and make sure that donations were reaching more people and filling more of the need in our community, we started FCHA Charity of the Month.

The FCHA Charity of the Month program has been temporarily placed on hold during the current economic impact caused from COVID-19.

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How does FCHA Charity of the Month work?

  • We are continually asking for feedback from our customers on which non-profits they support and why. Our marketing team keeps a list of all organizations that are submitted.
  • Each month, our management team nominates three local non-profit organizations from that list.
  • We then have our customers vote via our email campaigns on one of those three charities to be the recipient of the $1,000 and be that month’s FCHA Charity of the Month.

We feel that FCHA Charity of the Month not only is allowing us to give back to more areas of need, but it also helps to spread the mission of multiple local organizations to our customers. The program is a great way for FCHA to engage with our customers and be able to give back to causes that mean something to customers that do business with us.

We hope that this program not only has a financial impact on our charities of the month, but it also impacts the following and the support that the non-profits might receive from our customers. There are so many non-profit organizations in our area and if we can help spread the word about all the amazing philanthropic work that is being done, we’ve done our job.

March 2020 Winning Charity: 3 Hopeful Hearts

Congratulations to the FCHA Charity of the Month, 3 Hopeful Hearts. They provide grief companionship to families after the loss of a child of any age and any cause. The mission is to help bereaved families through events, support, education and remembrance.

February 2020 Winning Charity: Disabled Resource Services

Pictured left to right; Koshya Wang, DRS Executive Director Joan LaBelle, FCHA Marketing Director Todd Harding, and Katie Harper.

Congratulations to the FCHA Charity of the Month Disabled Resource Services.  As a certified Center for Independent Living, DRS provides services (free of charge) that empower individuals with disabilities in our community to achieve their maximum level of independence at home and in the community by setting and achieving goals, enhancing self-esteem, self-advocacy, and providing peer support and education.

January 2020 Winning Charity: Kids in Nature

Pictured left to right: Kids in Nature hikers Jim Almeida,  FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, Mary Beth McCubbin (KIN), and friends from partner agency, The Family Center/La Familia—Sophia, Gloria Kat, and Araceli Newman.

Congratulations to the FCHA Charity of the Month Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Kids in Nature Program.  It is an organization that supports our National Forest Service. The KIN program brings at-risk children from across NOCO on educational hikes in our National Forests. Many of these kids have NEVER been on a hike.

December 2019 Winning Charity: Athletes in Tandem

Pictured left to right: Dennis Vanderheiden - President of Athletes in Tandem, Glenn Frank - CEO Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning.

Congratulations Athletes in Tandem, December’s FCHA Charity of the Month. Their goal is to provide a path for anyone, regardless of physical ability, to participate in outdoor events; from 5Ks to Iron Man distance triathlons.

November 2019 Winning Charity: Larimer Retired K9 Foundation

Pictured left to right: Glenn Fran (FCHA CEO), Todd Harding (FCHA Marketing Coordinator), Sergeant Jackie Knudsen (LCSO), Lucille Braden (Larimer Retired K9 Foundation Treasurer), Barbara Bennett (Foundation President), Oso, Corporal Jamie Smith (LCSO). 

Congratulations to Larimer Retired K9 Foundation, November’s FCHA Charity of the Month.

Larimer Retired K9 Foundation financially supports a happy and healthy retirement for the amazing Larimer County Sheriff’s Office K9s that have given so much to our community safety and their handlers in Larimer County.

October 2019 Winning Charity: SAVA Center

Pictured left to right: Mike Missimer (FCHA COO), Dorothy Farrel (SAVA Executive Director), Vania Kacir (Bilingual Therapist), Tara Doudy (Practicum Student), Hannah Butler (Prevention Education Coordinator), Tanya Cadwell (Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator), Brett Naylor (Prevention Education Coordinator), Todd Harding (FCHA Marketing Coordinator). 

Congratulations to SAVA Center, October’s FCHA Charity of the Month winner! 

The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) Center provides crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling for all those affected by sexual violence in Northern Colorado while also providing prevention programs through community outreach and education.

September 2019 Winning Charity: Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity

Pictured left to right Nadia Engka (Database Administrator), Erika Nossokoff (Faith and Global Engagement Director), Theresa Bain (Homeowner Services Director), Abby Krstulic (Volunteer Manager), Mara Johnson (Philanthropy Director), Glenn Frank (Owner - Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning), Kristin Candella (Executive Director and CEO), Jim Skog (Corporate Relations Manager). 

Congratulations to Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity! September’s FCHA Charity of the Month winner!

"Our mission is to build safe, decent, and affordable homes in partnership with hard-working families in need. This grassroots effort is made possible through the generous donations of materials, money, and labor from members of the Fort Collins community."

August 2019 Winning Charity: Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department

Pictured with Chief Carol Dollard and FCHA’s Glenn Frank. 

Congratulations to Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, August’s FCHA Charity of the Month winner!

"RCVFD, as an organization, is committed to providing, to the best of our ability and within constraints of providing for RCVFD responder safety, emergency response to life and property threatening fires, life or property threatening emergencies such as natural disasters and medical emergencies, accidents and rescue situations. RCVFD operates within our response boundaries as defined in the RCVFD by-laws."

July 2019 Winning Charity: Veteran’s Compass

Pictured left to right Eric Peterson (Vice President), (Glenn Frank), Gordan Thibedeau (Director/Veterans Standown Chair), Christiane Makela (Secretary) and Donna Chapel (President). 

Congratulations to Veterans Compass, July’s FCHA Charity of the Month winner!

Veteran’s Compass is a 501(c)(3), created by Veterans and their families to guide Veterans and their families. While several services currently exist to assist Veterans in Northern Colorado, many Veterans are still not finding their way to these resources." We are the extended family that can help you navigate existing resources, share the loneliness you may be experiencing during deployment or assist you during your husbands, wives, sons or daughter’s transition between service and civilian life. We know the burdens that those left at home must deal with, and we are here to help."

June 2019 Winning Charity: Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center

Pictured left to right: Glenn Frank and Executive Director Robert Fallbeck. 

Congratulations to the June Charity of the Month winner Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center!

Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center’s mission statement: "is to reduce trauma to children and their families through a comprehensive response to child abuse."

Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center is a safe place for children and families when there are concerns about child abuse or emotional trauma. Voices Carry provides proven child abuse prevention, victim support, family advocacy and forensic interviews through a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. As the only agency accredited by the National Children’s Alliance that serves Larimer and Jackson counties, we minimize additional trauma by bringing the team of experts to the child and family.

May 2019 Winning Charity: Neighbor to Neighbor

Pictured left to right Jenny Maeda, Brooke Cunningham, Melissa Frasure, (Glenn Frank) and Morgan Krueger. 

Congratulations to the May Charity of the Month winner Neighbor to Neighbor!

Neighbor to Neighbor mission statement: "Throughout our community, neighbors are helping neighbors stay in their homes, regain stability and achieve home ownership.

While changing the world is daunting, helping your neighbor is second nature. It was on this premise that Neighbor to Neighbor was founded in 1970, when neighbors in Fort Collins banded together to keep a family from losing their home.Together, we’ve experienced the exponential effect of that one simple, neighborly act. Today, we help more than 5,000 neighbors achieve, preserve and own their own homes each year."

April 2019 Winning Charity: The Mathews House

Pictured left to right Mary, Cicely, Amy, (Glenn) and program founder Jerri. 

Congratulations to the April Charity of the month winners The Mathews House!

March 2019 Winning Charity: Turning Point Center for Youth & Family Development

From left to right: Turning Point Director of Business and Operations Paul Christenson, FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, and Turning Point Marketing and Development Coordinator Scott Von Bargen. 

Congratulations to our March FCHA Charity of the Month Turning Point Center for Youth & Family Development! Thank you so much for all that you do for youth and their families in our community.

Turning Point’s Mission: We are dedicated to turning lives around for youth needing substance abuse treatment, help with behavior or mental health issues, or a combination. We offer the broadest range of programs from outpatient services to intensive residential treatment, offering help and hope for youth and their families.

February 2019 Winning Charity: Childsafe

From left to right: FCHA Marketing Administrator Rachel Wagner, ChildSafe Clinical Director Val Macri-Lind, FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, ChildSafe Executive Director Carol Bennis and ChildSafe Development Coordinator Sonali Kovoor-Misra. Not pictured: ChildSafe Business Operations Manager Tim Alexander. 

Congratulations to our February FCHA Charity of the Month ChildSafe! Thank you so much for all that you do for victims of sexual abuse and their families in our community.

ChildSafe’s mission is to repair the damage done to victims and their families, reduce the risk of re-victimization, and prevent the cycle of abuse from carrying over into future generations.

January 2019 Winning Charity: Respite Care, Inc.

From left to right: Respite Care Development Director Lauren Whynott, Respite Care Volunteer Manager Amanda Sciarabba, Respite Care Community Engagement Officer Abbi Lockner, FCHA Marketing Administrator Rachel Wagner, FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, Respite Care Executive Director LeAnn Massey and Respite Care Program Support Megan McIntosh. 

Congratulations to our January FCHA Charity of the Month Respite Care, Inc.! Thank you so much for all that you do for children with developmental disabilities and their families in our community.

Respite Care provides short term quality care for children with developmental disabilities and respite to their families, enabling them to enhance their quality of life.

December 2018 Winning Charity: CASA of Larimer County

From left to right: FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, FCHA Marketing Administrator Rachel Wagner, CASA Development Manager Rhiannon Tovani, and CASA Grants & Communications Coordinator John DeVos.

Congratulations to our December FCHA Charity of the Month CASA of Larimer County! Thank you so much for all that you do for abused and neglected children in our community. It is the mission of CASA of Larimer County to be a voice in court for abused and neglected children and a safe place in the community for conflict free interactions.

November 2018 Winning Charity: Alzheimer’s Association of CO

From left to right: Alzheimers Association of CO Director of Regional Programs Katie Fahrenbruch, Office Admin Marlene Brown, Development Manager Katie Petersen and FCHA CEO Glenn Frank.

Congratulations to our November FCHA Charity of the Month Alzheimer’s Association: Colorado Chapter! Thank you so much for all that you do to inform and support Coloradans living with dementia and their families and caregivers.

October 2018 Winning Charity: 3Hopeful Hearts

From left to right: 3Hopeful Hearts Co-Founder Betsy Strafach, FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, and 3Hopeful Hearts Co-Founder Kristin Glenn.

Congratulations to our October FCHA Charity of the Month 3Hopeful Hearts! Thank you so much for all that you do to help bereaved parents and families in our community. The mission of 3Hopeful Hearts is to provide bereaved parents and families opportunities to honor, find hope and seek healing through events, support, education and remembrance.

September 2018 Winning Charity: Food Bank for Larimer County

From left to right: FCHA Chief Executive Officer Glenn Frank, Food Bank for Larimer County Chief Development Officer Heather Buoniconti, and FCHA Marketing Administrator Rachel Wagner.

Congratulations to our September FCHA Charity of the Month – Food Bank for Larimer County! Thank you so much for all that you do to help feed our community. The mission of the Food Bank for Larimer County is to provide food to all in need through community partnerships and hunger–relief programs.

August 2018 Winning Charity: Partners Mentoring Youth

Congratulations to our August FCHA Charity of the Month – Partners Mentoring Youth! Thank you so much for all that you do for our community. The mission of Partners Mentoring Youth is to create and support one–to–one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and youth facing challenges in their personal, social and academic lives. From left to right: Partners Program Manager Shayna Kefalas, FCHA CEO Glenn Frank, Partners Program Director Tami Roskamp, Partners Board Member Jerry Horvath, Partners Executive Director Heather Vesgaard and Partners Program Coordinator Abby Rains.

July 2018 Winning Charity: Project Self–Sufficiency of Loveland–Fort Collins

Project Self–Sufficiency Leadership team with FCHA COO Mike Missimer

The mission of Project Self–Sufficiency is to assist low–income, single parents in their efforts to achieve economic independence and become free from community and government assistance while building and maintaining strong, healthy families.

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